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As a specialized organization mainly engaged in quality supervision, inspection and testing of motor vehicle electronic components, the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Motor Vehicle Electronic Components of the Machinery Industry, approved by China Machinery Industry Federation, certificated by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) and accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), was established by reconstruction and extension with a total investment of 20 million RMB based on the previous testing laboratory of motor vehicle  electronic components of Shanghai inspection and testing institute of instruments and automatic systems (SITIIAS). With more than 20 years of testing experience, and its testing ability covering European, American, Japanese and Korean as well as domestic automotive standards, it can provide the manufacturers with technical support and help them to be approved by automobile companies. . Through its cooperation with international well-known certification bodies and testing organizations, it can help the clients to obtain European E/e-Mark certification.

Testing capability
1. Climatic environmental test items: Dry heat; Cold; Damp heat, steady state; Damp heat, cyclic; Change of temperature; Temperature shock; Mould growth; Enclosure Protection; Solar radiation; Sulphur dioxide/ sulfureted hydrogen, etc.
2. Mechanical environmental test items: Sinusoidal vibration; Random vibration; Combined temperature and vibration; Bump; Shock; Drop; Inclination; Topple, etc.
3. EMC test items: Conducted disturbance; Radiated disturbance; Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity; Electrostatic discharge; Bulk current injection; Voltage variation; reverse polarity; Electronic load; Voltage transient emission (time domain); Conducted transient pulse immunity; Ignition noise; Magnetic immunity, etc.

Electrostatic discharge test room (The maximum discharge voltage:30kV)

Vehicles pulse immunity test system (conforms to ISO, Ford, JASO, NISSAN, etc. standards)

BCI injection method (frequency range:100kHz to 1GHz)

Stripline  antenna


Testing criteria

International, national and automobile companies' standards: EN95/54/EECISO7637CISPR25ISO 10605ISO 16750ISO 11452SAEJASOFORDGMMZDNDSPSAMGCHRYSLERNISSANTLVolkswagenHYUNDAIGAGB, etc.


The range of products tested

The range of products can be tested covers all motor vehicle components powered by 12V, 24V and 42V power supplies inculding automobile alarm (sensor, host, buzzer, etc.), astern radar, forward radar, buzzer, automobile combinatiion instrument, all kinds of motors (such as seat motor, wiper motor, window lift motor, etc.), body control module, remote door lock controller, air-condition controller, electric control mechanism, vehicle communication terminal operating system, GPS system, car-mount radio telephonevehicle dispatching terminal, electronic antenna, electric fan assembly, vehicle fan ,cooling fan assembly, vehicle refrigerator, windshield, vehicle speed sensor, portable brake performance tester, taxi meter, vehicle DVD, automobile radio cassette player, charger, automotive alternator, air bag, car door, etc.
The center can provide complete service for the client, such as enterprise standard preparation, product design and modification consultation, testing and certification, etc., aiming at realizing “one-stop” service, relieving cares and worries of the enterprises, and shortening the cycle of product coming into the market.