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Thermometry and Displaying Instrument Laboratory is a major performance test base for temperature measuring instruments in China. It is provided with most comprehensive testing capabilities.

      Testing temperature ranges:
   - radiate thermometer
   - contact thermometer

  Main testing facilities:
   - Highly stabilized
tungsten ribbon lamp;
   - Precision photoelectric pyrometer;
   - Grade I / II standard platinum – 10% rhodium / platinum thermocouple;

   - Grade I / II standard platinum resistance thermometer sensor;
   - High-temperature standard platinum resistance thermometer sensor;
   - Standard
mercury thermometer;
   - Low/intermediate/high temperature blackbody radiation source;
   - Performance testing equipment for platinum resistance thermometer sensor;
Zinc freezing point stove;
   - Metal water boiling point stove;
   - Thermocouple checkout stove;
   - Water/oil baths.

  Verification/calibration can be made on following elements:
   Standard photoelectric pyrometer; Grade Ⅱ standard platinum resistance thermometer; Grade Ⅱ standard thermocouple; Standard radiation pyrometer; Standard temperature lamp, etc.

Testing/verification/calibration can be made on following elements:
   Industrial resistance thermometer sensor; Industrial thermocouple; Bimetallic thermometer;
Filled system thermometer; Liquid-in-glass thermometer; Surface thermometer; Total radiation temperature transducer; Ratio thermometer; Radiation thermometer; Constant temperature oven; Temperature transmitter; Self-balanced recording/displaying instrument; Moving coil indicating/displaying instrument; Digital displaying instrument; Electric controlling instrument, etc.

Scientific research achievement
   Four R & D projects of low-temperature radiation source and etc. were awarded Grade Ⅰand Grade ⅡScientific and Technological Progress Prize of the Ministry of Machinery Industry.