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The EMC laboratory of Shanghai inspection and testing institute of instruments and automation systems is one of the earliest laboratories for EMC research, design, test and preparation and revision of EMC standards. As early as the seventies, the lab undertook the test and national market supervision spot-check job and carried on the test of local quality supervision on commission. The first national EMC standard for process control and automation instrumentation was drafted out by the lab. We cooperate with many enterprises for EMC design to satisfy the requirements of internal and external technical standards. Many papers were published on internal and external special periodical.

EMC laboratory has successfully developed electromagnetic interference testing equipment with seven units in total, which can be used for performing tests of power supply variation, acoustic frequency interference etc, and has prepared nine national basic EMC standards and product standards. The electromagnetic interference testing equipment developed were awarded by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry and China State Bureau of Technical Supervision and were used by over 40 enterprises and measuring and testing organizations at the State and provincial or municipal levels.

Lloyd’s Register of Shipping first accredited the Laboratory in 1987. Through expansion and reconstruction in 1999, it is now equipped with advanced automatic electromagnetic interference measuring system, automatic electromagnetic susceptibility testing system, modified semi-anechoic chamber that lined with TDK high quality absorbing ferrite, and shielded enclosures used for performing electrostatic discharge, burst, surge, power frequency magnetic field, harmonic and conducted emission tests. Thus, it has now become an advanced lab of world level, and conforms to the newest IEC, CISPR, ISO, EN, ETSI, FCC, UL, ANSI, VCCI, GB and QC standards. The lab possesses of complete national and international standards and all kinds of EMC technical data.

According to the requirement of market, we construct the electric safety lab, which was equipped with the test apparatus conforms to the newest international and national safety standards. CCIB LAC accredited it in 2001. Then it was accredited by CNAL in 2002. The main products concerned are information technology equipment, household and similar purposes electric apparatus, skin and hair attending appliances, electrical equipment for control and laboratory, industrial instrument, etc. The EMC lab and safety lab combined into EMC& safety lab in 2002 so as to serve client better.

In 2005, we upgrade the EMC test system again for the establishment of the quality supervision and test center for vehicles electronic components. The lab was accredited by the CNAL in October 2005. Now it has been a world-level vehicles electronic components lab, and conforms to the newest international and national standards.

Moreover, our institute is the instrumentation reliability technology center of the machinery industry, and has greatly contributed to the development of the reliability technology, evaluation and assessment of the product reliability. We have gained remarkable social and economic rewards. With development of the automatic control techniques, the system based on electric, electronic parts and computer has been utilized more and broader for the safety requirements. For the security of that the electric, electronic and PLC electronic system (E/E/PES) which composed of electric, electronic and PLC electronic parts and is for safety function can operate reliably during its life, our institute launch on the research of E/E/PES’s function safety. And we developed formally the technical consultation and assessment of function safety of automation instrumentation and automatic control system on May of 2005.

From the beginning of the establishment, we carry through the policy of “serving the clients earnestly, performing the test equitably, seeking development comprehensively and improving the service persistently” and provide well service for client.