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The laboratory was accredited by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping in 1987. The Reliability Technology Center of Instrumentation of the Ministry of Machinery Industry was established here in 1993.


  Main business:

      Research and consultation on environmental adaptability technology and testing methods of instruments and electric/electronic products;

      Research and consultation on reliability engineering of instruments and electric/electronic products;

      Testing and evaluation of reliability of instruments and electric/electronic products;

      Evaluation and certification of functional safety of electric/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems, safety-instrumented systems and explosion protection and safety equipment;

      Climatic and mechanical environmental tests of instruments, electric/electronic equipment, military products, marine equipment and components and parts of motor vehicles.



Test items:

Cold; Dry heat; Damp heat; Temperature change; Temperature shock; Mould growth; Salt mist; Protection by enclosure; SO2 corrosion, Insulation resistance, Insulating strength, h; Mechanical vibration, Mechanical shock,; Bump; Inclination; Drop and topple; Free fall;; Combined temperature, humidity and vibration, etc.

 As yet, the laboratory has tested nearly 30 thousand products from all over the world;

      During the recent 30 years, the laboratory has completed several state key scientific research projects in seventh, eighth and ninth national five-year plan periods, of which five were awarded National Scientific and Technological Progress Prize. Besides, the lab has accumulated a wealth of experience on reliability design,  test, analysis and management of measurement and control instruments and systems in the field of power plants, nuclear power plants, aerospace and so on.

      It has drafted more than thirty national and professional standards, and published several professional books, such as “Environmental adaptability of instruments”, “Basis of functional safety”.

Since 2005, the lab has carried out evaluation of functional safety of measurement and control instruments and systems, and SIL assessment of systems for use in chemical industry, nuclear power plant and pharmaceutical industry, mainly based on IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and other related standards concerning functional safety.
Lloyd's Certificate