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Test Items

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Immunity Test Items

Emission Test Items

- Electrostatic Discharge

- Radiated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Immunity test

- Electrical Fast Transient Burst

- Surge

- Immunity to Conducted Disturbance induced by radio-frequency field (BCI)

- Power Frequency Magnetic Immunity

- Voltage Dips, Short Interruption and Voltage VariationHarmonic and Inter-harmonic
- Common Mode / Differential Mode Interference
- Voltage and Frequency Variation
- Voltage Dips
- Voltage Short Interruption
- Transient Over-voltage Interference
- Magnetic Interference
- Impulse Voltage
- Insulation
- Electrical Transient Conduction Along Lines *
- Magnetic Filed Susceptibility *
- Electric Loads *
- Ignition Noise *
- Low-frequency conducted immunity Conducted Sine-wave Immunity)*

- Radiated Emission(Electric and magnetic field)
- Conducted Emission
- Click
- Power Disturbance
- Harmonic Current
- Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker
- Insertion Loss
- Compass Safe Distance *
- Conducted Transient Emission(Time domain)*

   Electrical Safety and Functional safety

National Standards

International Standards

GB4943《Information Technology Equipment – Safety Requirements》
GB8898《Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus – Safety requirements》
GB4706.1《Safety of household and similar electrical appliances Part 1: General requirements》
GB4706.15《Safety of household and similar electrical appliances – Particular requirements for appliances for skin or harir care》
GB4793.1《Safety requirements for elecrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use Part 1: General requirement》

EN /IEC60950
EN/IEC 60065
EN/IEC 61010-1

IEC61508《Functional Safety of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related systems》

IEC61511《Framework, definitions, system, hardware and software requirements》