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Testing and Inspection Abilities

Product Categories of Test and Inspection


    Industrial Process Instruments and control equipment
    Automation Instruments
    Telecommunication Equipments
    Information Technology Equipments
    Household Appliance
    Electric Tools
    Lighting Equipments

    Sound and Television Broadcast Receivers Equipment

    Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipments
Equipments for Control, Measurement and Laboratories
Electric Toys
Finance trade and balance Equipments
Power Supply
Lifts, Elevators and Passenger Conveyors
Low-voltage Electric Apparatus *
Vehicle Components *

 Testing and Inspection Abilities

     Electronic and Electrical Products: Telecommunication equipments, Information technology equipments, Household appliances and Electric tools and so on. Our laboratory can perform test and inspection according to the newest national and international standards, such as IEC、CISPR、ITU 、ETSI、EN、FCC、UL、ANSI、VCCI、GB, etc.
Vehicle Components:All test items and abilities are complied with the newest national, international and various vehicle manufacturers’ standards, such as EN95/54/EEC, ISO7637, CISPR25, ISO 11452, ISO 10605, ISO 16750, SAE, JASO, FORD,GM, MZD, NDS, PSA, MG, CHRYSLER, NISSAN, TL, Volkswagen, HYUNDAI, GA, GB, QC and so on.
Functional Safety:Main Products are the electric, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems. The test standards are IEC61508, IEC61511 and so on.