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Testing equipment and standard devices
   - Flow characteristics test rig

- Control valve leakage test rig

- Electric actuator test rig

- Valve positioner test rig

- actuator life tester

- DC voltage/current calibrator

- Level test rig


The laboratory is capable of performing tests on:
   - Pneumatic control valve
linear, rotary

- Electric control valvelinear, rotary

- General valvegate valve, shut-off valve, butterfly valve, check valve,  ball valve, etc.

- Solenoid valvegas, liquid

- Electric actuatorlinear, rotary

- Pneumatic long stroke actuator

- Electric operating station

- Electric servo amplifier

- Valve positioner

- Special equipment(Elements of pressurized conduits)

- Level meters based on various principles

Type tests for special equipmentmanufacturing permission  of control valves and other valves

Other testing items:
   - Marine instruments and equipment

- Detector for combustible, poisonous or harmful gas (including transducer)

 - Portable break performance tester