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Test equipment and calibration device
     - Direct load standard dynamometer;

- Leveraged standard dynamometer;

- Hydraulic standard dynamometer;

- Piston standard pressure gauge;

- Dual-piston standard pressure gauge;

- Floating form standard pressure gauge;

- Compensation Micro-pressure gauge;

     - Rotated speed calibration device.


The main range of measurement / test / calibration:
   - Mechanical

     Standard dynamometers (dial, mercury box, optical, strain gauge type), force transducer, weighing cell.

   - Pressure
     Piston standard pressure gauge , Precision pressure gauge , Industrial liquid manometer , Standard liquid manometer ,
     General / Digital pressure gauge , Film box pressure gauge
Pressure transducer Pressure / Differential Pressure 
Pressure controller , Pressure gauge with electric contact.

   - Rotated speedContact / Non-contact Tachometer and transmitter.