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Flow Measurement Laboratory initiated the testing and calibration of flow measuring instrument in China.



       Test rigs:

      Water flow standard device with dynamic mass method;

      Water flow standard device with static gauging method;

      Water meter testing device;

      Bell-jar type gas flow standard device;

      Gas flow standard device with standard meter method;

      P.V.T.t. gas flow standard device.

      Inspection, testing and calibration capability:

      Liquid flow measuring instrument DN15~DN500;

      Gas flow measuring instruments: DN25~DN400;

      Critical flow venturi nozzle: 0.016m³/h~1500 m³/h.

      Inspection, testing and calibration  can be performed on :

      orifice plate, nozzle, Venturi, cone flow meter, bend flow meter, uniform flow meter, Critical flow meter, oval wheel flow meter, roots flow meter, revolving piston flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter, vortex procession flow meter, target flow meter, mass flow meter, float flow meter, water meter, gas meter, flow integrator and so on.

    The Flow Measurement Laboratory once successfully joined in intercomparison tests with flow measurement laboratories in US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Japan in 1986, and with the other three laboratories in China (including Taiwan) and Korea (KRISS) in 1998.