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NEPSI research papers:
1)   Summary of China Electric Explosion Protection Techniques and Product Certification System;
2)   Swiss chemical projects in China;
3)   Industrial hazardous ignition sources and its explosion protection technology;
4)   Probe into the problems concerning explosion protection and safety of tax-controlled fuel dispenser;
5)   Overview of the explosion protection technology of fieldbus;

6)   The development of fieldbus for process automation for use in hazardous areas
7)   The existing problems and suggestions concerning explosion protection and safety of electrical equipment
8)   Intrinsic safety technology of fieldbus
9)   Design and application of intrinsic safety to vortex shedding flow transducer
10) Study on the technology of non-linear zener safety barrier

11) Safety accreditation of intrinsic safety distributed control system
12) Intrinsic safety verification technology and its developing trend
13) Problems on the application of imported explosion-protected instruments in hazardous areas in China
14) Study on the distributing parameters of the transmission cable of intrinsic safety systems
15) Cable parameters of the intrinsic safety circuit
16) Combination of linear and non-linear circuits
17) Existing condition and developing trend of safety barrier in China
18) Study on the methods of assessing the cutting out characteristics of fuse protector for safety barrier
19) Pressurized explosion protection technology of cabinet
20) Design of intrinsic safety explosion-protected instruments

21) Analysis of explosion phenomena in plastic conduit for use in hazardous areas

22) Design of the power transformer for use in intrinsic safety electrical equipment

23) Study on the key technology of testing the flameproof instruments

24) The Quality Status on Ex-related Engineering Projects and Its Countermeasures

25) The Survey on Intrinsic Safety Explosion Protection Technology for Fieldbus System and its Development
1)  Symposium of 2003 International Conference on Industrial Explosion Protection Technologies
2)  Symposium of 2002 International Industrial Explosion Protection Equipment Exhibition and Conference
3)  “Intrinsic safety explosion protection technology of instruments”
4)   “Guide for design of intelligent intrinsic safety fieldbus instruments”
5)  “Guide for testing and evaluation of intrinsic safety fieldbus instruments and systems”
6)  JJF(Shanghai)41-1999: “Acceptance regulation of metering system for LPG filling station”
7)  “Electrical safety in hazardous areas”
8)  “Compilation and analysis of Chinese and US standards on intrinsic safety electrical equipment

9) “A handbook of practical technology of industrial explosion protection” (Joint author)

10) “A course of industrial explosion protection technology” 

11) Symposium of 2006 International Industrial Explosion Protection Equipment Exhibition and Conference


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