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Requirements for Applying Certification

 NEPSI performs explosion protection certification in accordance with corresponding standards and issues Explosion Protection Certificate of Conformity on government’s authorization. 

   Clients shall make out an Application Form.

   Certification includes document review, prototype checkup and explosion protection testing.


For document review, the following documents should be provided in duplicate:

    1. Design drawings;

    2. Standards or specifications of the product;

    3. Description of design or necessary calculating data;

    4. Operating instructions;

5. Test report that specified in product standards or specifications;

6. ISO 9001 quality system certificate or equivalent document;

    7. Certification documents of foreign testing agencies (if available).


For prototype checkup, the following should be provided:

    1. Prototype and components that conform to the design drawings;

    2. Necessary Special tools.


For those products with new structure, material or technology, an “Industrial Test License” will be issued first. The “Explosion Protection Certificate of Conformity” will not be issued untie the product pass field-test and verification.

    Partial alteration of the certified product should be subject to anew verification or putting on record at NEPSI.

    If the certified product has to change its production place, it should go through the certification procedure again.

    NEPSI  is entitled to apply quality supervision and factory audit to the certified products in conjunction with government departments concerned. In case the quality of the products failed in line with specified requirements, NEPSI will give warning or take necessary measures, or even recall the “Explosion Protection Certificate of Conformity” if necessary.