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NEPSI has made great efforts in international exchange and cooperation to promote China’s testing and verification technology of explosion protection to catch up with the world advanced level, and thereby turn itself to be a world famous establishment.

      In 1984, NEPSI sent its technical personnel to SIRA for training.

      In 1991, NEPSI sent its expert to U.S. to exchange instrument explosion protection and verification technology with Factory Mutual Research Cooperation (FMRC) and signed an agreement of mutual recognition of testing and certification of electrical apparatus used in hazardous area.

      In September 1997, NEPSI sent an expert to Germany to do cooperative research on explosion protection technology at Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) for three months. NEPSI then signed a cooperation declaration to establish cooperative relationship of mutual recognition with PTB in the field of explosion protection related testing and verification, through in-depth technical exchanges concerning standard requirements, testing methods and operating procedures. The cooperation has been brought into the scope of the general cooperation agreement between China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and PTB.

      In September 1998, NEPSI experts attended IECEx Scheme annual meeting in France and made a study tour of LCIE.

      In November 1998, NEPSI experts visited Factory Mutual Research Cooperation (FMRC) again.

      In December 1998, NEPSI experts visited National Institute of Industrial Safety of the Ministry of HealthLabour and Welfare of Japan (TIIS).

      In September 1999, NEPSI experts attended IECEx Scheme annual meeting in Australia and made a study tour of TESTSAFE and SIMTARS.

      In September 2000, NEPSI experts attended IECEx Scheme annual meeting in Germany and visited PTB again.

      In October 2002, NEPSI experts attended IECEx Scheme annual meeting in Seoul and made a study tour of KTL and KOSHA.

      In September 2003, NEPSI experts visited KEMA of Netherlands and discussed cooperation in testing and certification of explosion protection.

      In October 2003, NEPSI experts attended IECEx Scheme annual meeting in Budapest and made a study tour of BKI of Hungary.

      In November 2003, NEPSI sent a visiting scholar to PTB for three months technical exchange.

      In January 2004, NEPSI experts visited LOM of Spain and EXAM BBG of Germany respectively.

      In October 2005, NEPSI experts attended IECEx Scheme annual meeting in U.K., and at this meeting, NEPSI was admitted as an international testing lab of IECEx Scheme.



NEPSI has established extensive cooperative relations and has reached bilateral agreements on mutual recognition of testing results with numerous international certification bodies.


All these bilateral exchanges and co-operation have laid a solid foundation for NEPSI’s development and heading for the world. It should be noted that a breakthrough has been achieved in international certification, based on mutual recognition between NEPSI and international certification bodies, of domestic instruments, electrical apparatus, lightings and fuel dispensers for use in hazardous areas.

The bilateral cooperation has provided a shortcut for the Chinese manufacturers to apply for international certification of explosion protection, moreover, has made it possible for the manufacturers to apply for several  organizations’ certification at one organization simultaneously.

From now on, Chinese manufacturers can apply directly to NEPSI for international certification, such as ATEX certification, FMcertification etc. or PTB, and vice versa, foreign manufacturers can apply to FM or PTB for NEPSI certification.

NEPSI will, as always, carry out international exchange and cooperation and promote IECEx scheme.