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Commitments to Impartiality, Integrity and Confidentiality

        It is the prerequisite of the third-party laboratory to ensure the impartiality and veracity of the testing, calibration and inspection data and to respect and protect the rights and interests of the clients in providing testing, calibration and inspection service. Regarding Independence, Impartiality, Integrity and Confidentiality of testing, verification, calibration and inspection, it is solemnly committed as follow:
1. Shanghai Testing and Inspection Institute of Instruments and Automation Systems, hereinafter referred as to SITIIAS, bears the legal liability of its own and the subordinate bodies.
2. SITIIAS is registered as an independent legal person. It is able to impartially undertake testing, calibration and inspection, conduct business and external formulation independently with separate accounts and accounting.
3. Strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the state regarding testing, calibration and inspection;
4. By no means to engage in any activities that may endanger the impartiality, independence and veracity of judgment in relation to testing, calibration and inspection activities.
5. SITIIAS and its staff shall not engage in any testing, calibration and inspection that collide with the interests of the clients; shall not participate in any activities that are harmful to independence and integrity of testing, calibration and inspection judgment; shall not engage in any competitive projects related to similar product design, research, production, supply, installation, use and maintenance.
6. Measures are taken out in order not to interfere in or adversely influence the impartial and independent testing, calibration and inspection activities with undue administrative and financial pressures; and to prevent commercial bribery.
7. SITIIAS and its staff shall fulfill the confidentiality obligation of national secrets, business secrets, technological secrets, testing data and relative testing results.
8. Related bodies have the right to do testing, calibration and inspection honestly. All procedures operate with no discrimination;
9. Supervision of organizational structure and management system will be taken to ensure the effective implementation of this statement.
10. Anyone who breaks this declaration should be punished by SITIIAS or even discharged from employment and investigated under the law.
11. SITIIAS welcome supervision from clients and encourage clients, whose rights and interests are damaged, to lodge complaints to the institutes or to the superior departments.
                    Shanghai Testing and Inspection Institute of Instruments and Automation Systems
           National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Products of Process Automation Instrumentation
                                                            Dec 01, 2015