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Quality policy: 

    Earnest service; Impartial testing; All-round development; continue improvement


Quality Objective: 

    To satisfy customer’s ongoing needs;

    To turn SITIIAS into a top-ranking comprehensive laboratory in China;

    To operate SITIIAS according to international practice all-sidedly;

    To achieve all-round mutual recognition with well-known laboratories in the world.



    Treat clients equally without discrimination, pursue a principle of unconstraint and equality, and there must be no discrimination or adulation;

    Carry out tests and calibrations according to the quality manual, procedural documents and technical standards and persist in realistic approaches to assure impartiality, validity and scientificity of testing and calibration;
Strictly comply with the statement on impartiality and protecting confidentiality;
Resolve complaints received from clients or other parties according to defined procedure.